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07 дек 2008, 15:45
Hello everyone, excuse me if my post isn't on the right part of your forum.

I come frome the Quebec niva Club where Stan06 post his pics

http://www.quebec-niva-club.com/le-bar- ... .htm#38380

But i Live in France, north of France exactly, near belgium limits.

I'm totally fan about Russian vehicles, i owned Lada Niva, and i will buy it again.

My favourites cars are Uaz and Lada 4x4, but i prefer russsian trucks : Ural, Zil, Gaz, or others.

Your vehicle is very nice and funny, i see you use UAZ axles ?

Too bad in my country no use possible, we don't have land of ice ;-)

Best regards

Christophe Belfiore
07 дек 2008, 17:12
наш человек- плохая карма- родился в бесснежной стране, кругом асфальт - бедолага :)
но лечится легко

Прошу всех в профиле указать: регион, модель/зав № Странника-
а то техника разная, места разные- но мнение единственно верное
07 дек 2008, 23:23
Niva axles and components...
Research work continues.
Make improvements.
Result - the best cross marshes and better reliability.

Using summer -
http://strannik.flyboard.ru/topic133-30.html (see below)
Sample -
beam h~0,5m

Real polar road before gaz and oil extraction
08 дек 2008, 00:49
Ok thank you :wink:
11 дек 2008, 22:37
a small collection
14 дек 2008, 04:26
And about this ?


Fantastic machine, pffffffffffiiiiiou :shock:
14 дек 2008, 11:14
Витязь [Vityaz] - оne of the best among heavy tracked cross-country vehicle for the marshes. He has a wide track and low ground pressure.
The defining cross-country( for soft ground) - vehicle is a low ground pressure and reliability.

Hagglund - higher pressure, and does not stand up to Russian life.
Small resource.

Витязь [Vityaz] - http://rutube.ru/tracks/264009.html?v=7 ... 88302c473d

Сообщений: 7 Страница 1 из 1

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